Hamlit Smart Driving Assistance System

See how Hamlit’s Driver assistance systems will be an indispensable part of two-wheeler vehicles making them safer than ever

Hamlit – Building a safer everyday ride

Smart Two-Wheeler Driving Assistance Systems


Protection is better than crash

Hamlit’s Lane Change Assist

Hamlit is world’s first smart two-wheeler blind spot danger notifier. See how our audio visual warnings help riders avoid accidents

Hamlit’s Lane-change warning!!

The lane-change warning can help riders to safely execute a lane-change. Sensors monitor the area beside and behind your two-wheelers covering the notorious blind spot. If another vehicle approaches your vehicle in the blind spot or is dangerously close and overlooked by the driver, the driver assistant recognises this and warns against changing lanes. This warning is made using flashing symbols in the side mirror and/or on the Helmet visor


Why use lane-change assist?

A lane-change warning offers additional protection for road users by allowing them to customise their notification behaviour using the mobile app . This driver assistance system can indeed help to avoid accidents in more than 70% cases– the driver must nevertheless pay full attention.


Let us help you notify automatically

Hamlit’s Speed Limit Notifier

Hamlit’s IoT components converts your vehicles into smart vehicles helping you ride more effeciently

Hamlit Speed Limit warnings

Speed Limit recognition feature can relieve riders from the stress of continuously checking their bike speed by notifying whenever they exceed the permitted road speed


Offers you increased safety and comfort during your journey by providing you with information. Riders can concentrate on the traffic better without having to constantly gaze at sign posts